Our team

United we will never be defeated

United we will never be defeated

Teamwork, you + you + you + you, is our best asset. The difference that sets us apart. Each and every one of the people working in Pujadas is trained to play in the same team colours. To give all they’ve got on each project. Everywhere. From Paris to Dubai. From Barcelona to St. Petersburg. Worldwide. Here, it’s not a question of customers and suppliers, only problems and solutions. United we can do more, we are more. United we are one.

One plus one equals three

In Pujadas we strongly believe in the saying "there is strength in numbers." For this reason we have always worked with the best companies and institutions. Sharing technology and creating international networks of knowledge and production. To share experiences. To consolidate relationships. Here and abroad. Worldwide

Join our team. Join Pujadas

We are looking for professionals like you. Dynamic, dedicated, optimistic, committed, enthusiastic and open. Lovers of the global market, of the industrial sector. People who love working with people. Who love teamwork. If that’s you, we want to hear from you, we want you here. With us. With our clients. A new addition. Being one more. Being one.

Send your CV to careers@pujadas1890.com