How we work

The customer comes first. And second. And third.

The customer comes first. And second. And third.

Our customers are not customers. They're part of the family. This is the Pujadas style. And this is why we are always on hand. Willing, attentive, reliable, unconditional. Because working together is not only about joining forces but also increasing results.

We work as a team because we have a lot at stake

We all know the theory. Teamwork is the most effective approach. But just how many of your suppliers really put this into practice? Well, if you’re looking for a company that, like yours, believes in effort, in working side by side, in listening, in proposing, in fair play, in team spirit, in skillfulness, seriousness, flexibility, accessibility and helpfulness, then let’s get together. Let's not waste a second. Let’s join forces. Let’s be one! 

Quality is the company trademark. But it’s not enough. Everything can be made simpler, more convenient, cheaper, more profitable, greener, safer. That is why we invest in research. In improving, in innovating. It’s quite clear. The spirit of Pujadas is a demanding spirit. And being demanding means investing in innovation, in quality. For this reason, we possess ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certification.

The only medal we deserve is one for excelling ourselves.
Our success depends on our high standards of conduct.

Shareholders, clients, suppliers… Today society in general demands higher levels of responsibility. Responding effectively to these demands is one of the keys to Pujadas' reputation. Every member of the Pujadas team has a bearing on our reputation. For this reason, we always conduct our business responsibly and with integrity. Always growing. Playing fair. Joining forces. Forming a team.

We support United Nations Global Compact Program

What can we glue for you?

Call us, write to us, consult us, order from us. Let's get in touch. Come into the world of Pujadas. A world where we all work as a team, where we all move forward together. Where the goal is always the same: your satisfaction. Our departments are at your full disposal. Now, today, tomorrow, always. Let’s combine our efforts. Let’s be one.

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